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In October of 2018, First State Skate Supply was born.


When James West and Joe Moore got together, It seemed like a natural fit to start this business with a truck and become Delaware’s first mobile Skate shop. due to the rise of mall chains and online shopping, it seemed that the brick and mortar shops were declining. then, when the shop James had worked for 11 years at had to shut its doors; This shop, First State Skate supply was established to keep the fight going for all Local Skateboard Shops and to demonstrate how to bring back business to them. So many other shops were closing their doors this seemed like the right move. We live in a time now where folks want things right now and this is a way of being right there in the forefront and in the parks where people are skating.


Delaware only has a few shops that are spread so thin from the top to the bottom. To be able to travel where some folks may not be able to get to a shop or have access to internet that’s where we come into play. It also doesn’t hurt that we can have time to skate ourselves. We want to be able to put as many boards in people hands, as possible; as well as connect to them, and to the other shops.


This isn’t about stepping on toes and taking business from anyone, for us, it’s about the skating community. This is to show that even if we lose out on a few brick and mortar shops, we as skaters/shops will find a way to survive and feed the culture.

 we hope that all of those who follow us on our journey, can visit and help us out in this and support the move we are making. I love skateboarding because it saved and changed my life; and can be the positive inspiration for others. 

Follow us as we travel, give back to the skate community, and help host skate events to keep boards under your feet and offer a more positive, yet different alternative.

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