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San Antonio Riverwalk

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Eiffle Tower '18

Rome Colosseum 2 (1).jpg

ROman ColossEum '19 

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How close is First State Skate Supply in           town?

One Sticker can put us              where you want us to be.




Geographically we are in Georgetown, Delaware close to the beaches of Lewes, Rehoboth, and Dewey. Yet, we are also in Harrisburg, Pa in Negley Park.


We are near the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. The Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

Wherever you are; we want to see you, and you can become part of our story in our Instagram Page. Simply find our First State Skate Supply sticker in any of the following towns, cities, or places. Take your picture next to the sticker, send it to us by DM on our website or Instagram and we send you more stickers!!

If your town isn’t on the following list go to our store and purchase some stickers, we want to see you and be apart of your story. Then again, we will post you to our sites and give you free stickers, maybe even a hat or beanie.

Now if you are wearing a First State Skate Supply shirt and can be seen   skating, or surfing, or climbing, or any other adventure type activity we will be glad to post you and your friends to our story.




​The First State 


San Antonio Riverwalk

Cassis, France
Avigon, France
Venice, Italy

Point du gard, France

austin, Texas

Venice, italy

Siena, Italy

​Our mark on the world

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10 Countries & 15 States;
where is the next pin?!!

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Seville Photo.jpg
Saida Photo.jpg
Lisbon Photo.jpg
Faro Photo.jpg
Discoveries Photo.jpg
Albufeira Photo.jpg
Sintra Photo.jpg
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