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Jeff Dempsey


Skateboarding is a passion for me. A true reason for my existence here. I dont have a favorite trick but I do love to just be able land a trick with the thought that it was possible and I did it. I've been skatin for awhile now. My brothers put me on to it when I was a little lad. And thankfully it stuck in and now a daily part of life.

Micheal Vincent Rowe


Skateboarding is my life. Without it I'd be lost! It's my true love. I got into skating when i was in third grade. I saw the new Skatepark Pipe Dreams, and instantly fell in love. My mom had to limit my time at the park because it's all i wanted to do. Favorite trick is a nollie double kick flip gazelle spin.

jake caldwell


Been skateboarding since I was 4 years old, never knew life without a skateboard. Now I’m simply grateful to be able to ride every day and I just want to have fun riding my board and travel the world.


blakely gustafson


My favorite trick is fs bluntslide. I’ve been skating for about 12 years. I’ve always liked to figure out how things worked and skateboarding is a never-ending example of figuring out how stuff works so I got hooked and have been ever since I first got a board.

tremond Allen


adam joseph


I started skating because of all of the older kids in my neighborhood, one of them lived across the street from me and his aunt would babysit and I found my way outside with them as often as I could. The first video I ever saw was Kayo it’s Official and my favorite skater is Jake Johnson. My favorite trick is BS big spin and I’ve been skating for about 10+ years

brandon mesa


What got me into skating was I got my first board as a birthday gift on my 4th birthday in Aug 2001. I would use it sometimes when id go outside and play but I never tried any tricks until around 2004. By that time I was playing videogames like tony hawk underground 2 and seen the movie lords of dogtown. Both of those showed me more detail that goes into skating and encouraged me to want to learn tricks. My favorite trick is a backlip 

Landing that trick just makes me feel like a boss, the way you gotta turn your hips on the way out but your torso is still facing the rail. The feeling of that trick never gets old



Iv'e been Skating 14 years. My Favorite Trick is a F/s feeble on a round rail .

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